Souper Jenny Hits the Road For Kindness

December 03, 2020
This story took place in United States

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Credit to Jenny Levison

Jenny  Levison–otherwise known as “Souper Jenny” around Atlanta and owns community-based restaurants in the city of the same name–is doing more than serving up delicious food.

Together with one of her best friends Meg, she extended her reach and went on the road for a six-week kindness tour–traveling the country to give back, pairing up with local farms, buying produce, and turning it into soup for local communities, in addition to doing random acts of kindness.

In these unprecedented times, kindness is more urgent than ever, and it’s critical that we all find a way to do our part, just like Jenny. In those six weeks, Jenny and Meg visited a total of fifteen states and gave away 500 servings of soup.

“When we weren’t cooking soup,” Jenny said, “we had so much fun performing inspired acts of kindness. My goal was not just to be kind to people with food or housing insecurity, I just wanted to share some kindness with all kinds of people.”

Credit to Jenny Levison

Jenny gave to unsuspecting strangers whenever she could, ranging from quarters at the laundromat to feeding frontline workers and firefighters to buying pizzas for everyone at a local pizzeria in LA. She and Meg ended their Kindness Tour at a food bank in North Georgia with a drive up soup shop giving away free soup to an underserved community and all of the amazing food bank workers.

Jenny said being on the giving end of those random acts of kindness had an impact on her, too, and that she plans to head out on another tour in May.

“I knew a couple of days in that this was going to be my new way to travel and that it would not be my only kindness tour,” she said. “I am hoping to head out in the Spring and go from Atlanta to Maine. I love surprising people with kindness when they don’t expect it.”

Credit to Jenny Levison

Hear from Jenny in the video below, get inspired to do your own acts of kindness wherever you may find yourself, and find out how you can support her efforts to spread kindness all throughout the country. If you want to support Jenny’s continued efforts, click here to donate to her GoFundMe! 

(For a transcript of this video, click here.)

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