How This Art Studio Teaches Creatively WILD Youth

August 03, 2017

Dillon St Bernard, 17, is a high school student and multimedia reporter who lives in the New York City metro area. He produces stories across multiple media platforms, and has previously launched several youth-centric online magazines. He is passionate about mental health and social change, pop culture, entrepreneurship, and common sense.

Located in the heart of Dumbo, Brooklyn, Creatively WILD Art Studio offers various art programs, including art classes for youth ages 5 to 17. The art studio envisions an inclusive, love-driven community that values creative education as an integral part of the academic and personal development of its youth. By creating a nurturing environment for all ages to express themselves, Creatively Wild students are able to experience individual growth that is bound to enter the world in the form of kindness.

Founded in 2009 by artist DM Wilding, the nonprofit art studio has recently integrated new youth and adult programs in dance, theater, animation, and music, with plans to expand with the help of supporters.

The interview has been edited for clarity and brevity.

Great job with this final draft! Quick comment: I think your introduction could benefit from a quick spiel about how you think this nonprofit org exemplifies kindness. Why do you think this nonprofit is worth a kindness report? You definitely have a lot of material in the interview. (: This would just be something to pull in the reader more.

DS: How does the art studio staff integrate kindness into the programs?

Creatively WILD Art Studio creates a safe place for each individual, and utilizes art as a vehicle of compassion and empathy. The result is students having fun together while fulfilling their own creative visions.

Creative play in both adults and children provides the opportunity for a fuller life as one awakens to a multi-dimensional universe. The tactile aspects of art combined with working the realms of imagination brings one to a space where all things are possible and self-imposed limitations can be dismissed and discarded. The result is a confidence that allows each individual to feel free to express a sense of empathy and acceptance thereby embracing diversity without fear or prejudice.

DS: Why do you think art is important in building a braver and kinder world?

We know that a balance must be maintained so children are not denied the interaction they need with their peers in a working physical environment where they can experience challenges that inspire growth and a sense of compassion with each other.

Creative WILD understands that as much encourage interaction between children, we also need to provide students with the opportunity of going “inward” to better understand their own feelings and be able to express what’s going on inside themselves as well as with others. The artistic process with all of its challenges and gratifications literally becomes the road that each young soul can travel to achieve the true meaning of a brave heart.

DS: What do you believe is the greatest lesson taught through your art programs?

Possibly the greatest lesson taught through our art programs is that there is no one lesson. It is constantly evolving process, and it ultimately allows our children to find solace and inspiration in diversity through artistic expression, which a transformational power that can be utilized in one fashion or another for an entire lifetime.


To support Creatively Wild Art Studio, visit their website and check out their Instagram page.

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